What if the Shoe Were on The Other Foot?

The laws need to be changed to allow for lawsuits to be filed for damages resulting from paternity fraud, including damages for pain and suffering and punitive damages in appropriate cases where the evidence is clear that the paternity fraud was intentional.

Fighting Against Paternity Fraud

There is no scenario that can be concocted which can completely capture a full comparison of Paternity Fraud.  It is a matter of reality, that a man, no matter how hard he may try, cannot easily convince a woman that she is the mother of a child, which was in reality mothered by another woman.  Let’s face it, barring a coma, women are quite well aware of giving birth to a child.  Women are quite well aware of conceiving a child, they know they are pregnant, and they experience child birth.  Men on the other hand, well, they are left to trust the fact that they are in a relationship that has a reasonable expectation of trust, honesty, and commitment that will overpower any level of doubt as to whether they fathered the child their female partner is attributing his fatherhood to.

With that being said, the scenario to be…

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