The Need For The Mentorship of Young Men

The importance to all children, particularly boys, of having a father figure and mentor cannot be emphasized enough. My father worked a lot of overtime when I was growing up but at least we spent some time together.

The New Modern Man

Disposable dads are the new norm in today’s dystopia

Titanium Vulture is an author, filmmaker, and contributor to The New Modern Man.

Sons need their dads.  Despite what many single independent woman that don’t need no man” moms might say.

I was real lucky.  When my mom left my biological dad we moved to the Bronx from New Jersey.  Around that time I had several “father” figures in my life.

Starting with my step-dad.  He hooked up with my mom after we left NJ and they made my beautiful baby sister.  The princess of princesses!  Although the parents had a rocky relationship, at least HE was around, unlike my biological dad who did not put up much of a fight to be in my life.

Aside from step-pops, I also had two of my uncles living close by…and I spent a lot of time with these younger brothers…

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